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WIRELESS ROOMS FOR Guesthouses & Pubs

Increased efficiency & Increase Revenue.

Larger hospitality venues offer additional upsells to boost their overall profitability to offset larger staff numbers. Our tablets can help you compete more efficiently by allowing guests to communicate directly to your staff from their room. This allows guests easy access to order food and drinks to their rooms, book tables in the restaurant and other additional services such as spa treatments if available.

Key benefits

Connect with your guests

Communicate quickly and efficiently with guests while reducing costs and improving efficiency through the simplicity of Wireless Rooms.

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Live Messages

Talk to your guests in their rooms from reception saving your staff & guests time.

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Digital Menus

Live menus can easily be updated to reflect current special offers and stock levels.

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Better for the environment and more hygienic, replace all your POS.

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New deals, bundles, discounts or upsells? Add it to every room quickly and easily.

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Do you have a restaurant or spa? Take bookings directly from your rooms.

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White-labelled and ready to easily create your brand through a modern CMS.


5 minute video

Discover how we help you connect with your guests.

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The Wonders of Wireless Rooms

Easily connect to your guest with the latest tech!

Wireless Rooms isn't just a tablet in every room, it’s an information and guest management system streamlining your everyday processes.

Tablet + Dock

Powerful modern tablet with high-resolution screen.


Easy to use & manage portal with no limits on users.

Cloud Storage

All your information is stored wirelessly in the cloud.

UK Support

Friendly and UK based team support available.

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"Wireless Rooms helped us by improving efficiency both in terms of reducing call volumes and increasing room service orders, but also saving staff time."

Olly Shepherd - General Manager


How to get started

Going Wireless, Easy as 1-2-3

Connecting with your guests is quick and easy with Wireless Rooms

Add your brand to the Portal

Add your branding, then you can start adding information, promotions & more.

Plug in & Dock your Tablet

Once installed add the tablet to your wireless network to connect to the cloud.

Set Up your Staff and Launch!

Your staff can log in & start accessing a wealth of tools and begin connecting with your guests.

Start connecting with your guests wirelessly today!

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