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To join the wireless revolution, we have setup 2 simple ways to pay, designed to give you options that suit your needs:

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All-In Subscription*


£15 Software +
£10 Hardware Finance

per room / month


Hardware Upfront

£15 + £179

per room / month

per tablet

All prices shown exclude 20% VAT. *"All-In Subscription" price is based on a 24 month contract and a tablet value of £179. Tablet prices can fluctuate, and contract term can be adjusted to suit your needs. Once the contract has ended you will have the option to start a new contract to upgrade your hardware or continue with your current hardware and pay £15 per room / month for Wireless Rooms software. The hardware finance is provided by a third party. Price shown only as an estimate.

Frequently asked questions

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Yes of course. The app out of the box is white labelled and can be tailored to include your establishments specific branding and content.

Wireless Rooms can be used in any hospitality setting that guests require a direct way to book and/or pay for services and offers an inexpensive direct way to communicate. Pubs, holiday villages, caravan parks, glamping sites and resorts could all benefit from the software.

Our software can help to reduce printing costs, remove in-room telephony requirements, and increase daily operating efficiency. Take a look at our ROI calculator to see what you should expect back.

Our pricing structure allows you to decide how you pay for your hardware: “Hardware Upfront” & “All-In Subscription”. Buying the “Hardware Upfront” will cost an estimated £179 per tablet per room plus £15 per room per month for the software. Alternatively, through a 3rd party credit agreement, you can pay £25 per room per month for our “All-In Subscription” that includes both hardware and software.

As part of the “All-In Subscription”, you have a credit agreement for the hardware which you are contractually bound to repay in full, typically across a 24-month period. For the “Hardware Upfront” option we would encourage you to use the software for at least a year to see maximum benefit.

All our system requires is a good WiFi connection. Then it is as easy as 1, 2, 3….. 1 - Add your brand and content to the portal 2 - Plugin and dock your tablet in the room 3 - Set up your staff and launch!

We predict but do not guarantee a 10-30% uplift per room, dependent on implementation and service availability. Please check out our ROI calculator for more information.


"Wireless Rooms helped us by improving efficiency both in terms of reducing call volumes and increasing room service orders, but also saving staff time."

Olly Shepherd - General Manager


How to get started

Going Wireless, Easy as 1-2-3

Connecting with your guests is quick and easy with Wireless Rooms

Add your brand to the Portal

Add your branding, then you can start adding information, promotions & more.

Plug in & Dock your Tablet

Once installed add the tablet to your wireless network to connect to the cloud.

Set Up your Staff and Launch!

Your staff can log in & start accessing a wealth of tools and begin connecting with your guests.

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