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What do Guest Want? Post-Covid Priority Shift.

Have you considered the post-covid shift in Guests needs, wants and preferences? Inevitably the pandemic has caused human predilections to have shifted more than ever and the hospitality industry must recognise this to survive.

A recent study into human behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic found:

  • The ‘close contact’ rates of human-to-human contact have dropped by 83% in some sociodemographics.
  • Prior to the pandemic the average person would encounter 17.6 people per day, this figure is now 7, a fall of over 60%.
  • On average people are now spending 32.2% more time at their homes.
  • Human behaviours were significantly influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, with the decrease of ‘close contact’ being attributed to a 63% fall in transmissions of the virus.
  • The number of people travelling (by rail) fell by 52% compared with the same period in 2019.

With the above findings, is your business ready to welcome guests back in a manner which they will feel comfortable with?

Aside from the figures and science, take a moment to think about how the past 18 months has affected you. From a subjective standpoint, I can confirm I no longer enjoy the hustle and bustle of a previously desired busy bar or restaurant, in fact, I find it quite stressful. When in communal areas with children the increased awareness of germ control and ‘anti baccing’ hands sends most families anxieties into overdrive. Has your establishment made measures to accommodate for this?

hotel guests wearing masks
In theory, one would assume a resumption of normality would be welcomed but let us not underestimate the effect of 18 months in (one form or another of) isolation. Whilst resuming normality really is a societal goal now, to support people’s mental health, enjoyment, and comfort in these previously ‘normal’ situations, you- as the hospitality industry- must be sympathetic to these needs.

This is where Wireless Rooms can step in. We can support your business into the new post-pandemic world of hospitality; one of the hardest-hit industries during the pandemic and most altered after the pandemic.

We can support you in providing your guests with a warm, intimate welcome whilst assuring everyone feels safe, protected, and comfortable. Through direct two-way communication from the comfort of your room, in-room dining and services plus tailored information, restaurant, and spa bookings all at a touch of a tablet.

Welcome your guests into a covid assured home from home, using an industry-leading digital tool for in-room; to support your AA COVID confident certificate.

If you would like to find out more about how Wireless Rooms could help your business become a post-pandemic haven for guests wanting a relaxed, safe and industry-leading stay to remember – request a demo or pop over to the ROI calculator to see what we could do for you.

Start Connecting with your Guests Wirelessly today!

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